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Big data on IBM Cloud

In this episode Rav Ahuja talks about big data and how you can use the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise to setup a Hadoop cluster in minutes. This series of videos will take you step by step through your first BigInsights Text Analytics project.
In Part 1 - we give you background information including where to download the press releases for analysis.
In Part 2 - we introduce AQL and take a look at the input documents.
In Part 3 - we setup the project in Eclipse and create our first AQL Extractor.
In Part 4 - we develop AQL to extract EPS information from the input documents.
In Part 5 - we develop AQL to use a regex and a dictionary to extract paragraphs containing business results by region.
In Part 6 - we develop AQL to split a paragraph into sentences containing region names and revenue.
In Part 7 - we develop AQL to finish the project by extracting region names and the associated revenue.
In Part 8 - we process extract additional business information using AQL's Union and Case.
In Part 9 - we take a look at the regular expressions used throughtout this series.

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